Brad’s Surf Story

bradsurf2Owner Bradley Goodman has been an avid surfer for 40 years. He grew up in Houston and started surfing during the long board era in Galveston in 1963. His fondest recollection of surfing the Texas gulf coast were the beautiful, consistent waves of Port Isabel on South Padre Island. His travels over the years have taken him to Hawaii, France, Spain, The Virgin Islands, the Bahamas and up and down the East Coast. The best surf he ever rode was at Haleiwa Beach, Oahu where it was 6 to 10 ft. with machine like perfection. Another favorite break was at Mundaca, Spain where over head left’s peal off down the line in a perfect barrel. His favorite local spots are C-Street and Masonboro Island where you will usually see his on his 8 ft. Walden Magic Epoxy he calls “the ultimate fun board.”